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A sandwich at McDonald's that is the greatest item on the menu. Possibly the best chicken sandwich of all time at a fast food restaurant. Comes with lettuce and mayonaisse on a toasted bun.

The chicken is most likely laced with nicotine.
by Waldo Wellerton February 20, 2005
1. A blond, curly haired kid that currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Typically can be spotted playing baseball, or pushing carts at the local Meijer. Secretly is leading a revolution to take control of his high school, and eventually the world.

See also: Waldo Wellerton
"Whattup, Sultan?"
"Not too much Max-o."
by Waldo Wellerton February 20, 2005
Synonymous with the word Jaho
You are a stupid Crapface, Ryan!
by Waldo Wellerton February 07, 2005
1 n. A kid that has the craziest hair you will ever see. All day he sits around, picking the mites out of his bush of hair, if his sister hasn't shaved that off yet. He wears shorts in all types of weather, even in the coldest winters of Michigan.

2 v. The act of acting like Scraggles. ie: wearing shorts in winter, having terrible hair, or just acting like an ass.
1. "Shuttup Scraggles, go ride your bike!"

2. "I'm Scragglin' with my shorts!"
by Waldo Wellerton February 09, 2005

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