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able to express your ideas and opinions persuasively while somehow also integrating Bay Area ideas, pop culture references, colloquialisms, and/or slang, without sacrificing articulate vocabulary.
Raphy has become much more hellaquent after both studying for the LSATs in proximity to Stanford and exposing himself to a myriad of characters promoting clubs in San Francisco.

Memorizing every E-40 track and passing his lyrics off as your own in everyday speech doesn't make you hellaquent -- it makes you a biter.

Oh Guy Kawasaki, if I was as hellaquent as you, I'd be a a Silicon Valley venture capitalist too!
by Wafflecopter October 04, 2009
A mustache, or generally any facial hair that smells sweetly of weed.
After a massive hit, Chewy's kushtache became fragrant with an herbal essence as he exhaled.
by Wafflecopter October 02, 2009

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