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In Southwest Ontario right next to Detroit (one of the most violent places in the world.. no offence to Detroiters, there is alot of good people there too). Known as "sin city" for their escort services, street prostitutes, bars, (drinking age is 19 so young Americans go there to party from the Detroit area up to Ohio generally), drugs and bootlegging (more so in the past). In the early 1900's Windsor was also known for Rum Running and have rumored to have many secret underground tunnels leading to various parts of Detroit). Al Capone was rumored to frequent Windsor pretty often in those times.

They are also known for making cars and used to be known as the auto capital of Canada (Ford, Chrysler, and GM.. though GM closed up in Windsor). Windsorites are known to be a blue collar city, who for the most part work hard and pride themselves on being gritty and tough just like the previous slogan of Ford "Built Ford Tough". Much that can be applied to the fabric of Detroit can be applied to the fabric of Windsor (excluding the violence and racial segregation) which makes Windsor commonly referred to Detroit's sister city, even though they are in 2 different Countries. Windsor is also a caring and generous place where they are known to volunteer their time and donate more money than most other places in Canada consistently because most Windsorites have a strong desire to help people who need it most.
Were in Windsor here bingin' beer lookin' for an Engineer who makes Ford Explorer Engines here in the city core but he isnt there.

Tony: Hey.. lets go get lit up on Oulette and blow the rest of our money in the casino.

Tom: Ya.. but not until we hit up a strip club and get a lap dance first bro.
Tony: Strip clubs are obsolete dude, Windsor has massage parlors.
by WackyMac January 06, 2014
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