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The "CM" stands for "Chicago Made".

- real name Phil Brooks
- Currently employed by WWE and is a former World Champion.
- Rose to prominence in the summer of 2011 with a series of pseudo-shoot promos on WWE Raw and on You Tube (even if he was already a star long before then in WWE)
- Known to "stay in character" even when not wrestling.

- Claims he doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs. His straight-edge lifestyle is unusual and quite rare in the wrestling business.
- Has dated several women wrestlers including the current WWE Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix (as of Oct, 2011)
- Has been criticized for putting too much hype into his own stock.
"CM Punk revitalized a stale WWE product"
by WWE Creative October 16, 2011
- Acclaimed wrestling commentator/announcer from Oklahoma.
- Despite suffering several bouts of Bells Palsy, he's still considered the best play-by-play man in the business.
- Quite the BBQ connoisseur, he also produces his own BBQ sauces, mustard and beef jerky. Also a former restaurant owner.
- WWE Hall of Famer.
- Very supportive of the Oklahoma University football team.
- Occasional in-ring performer
- Has been fired by WWE several times in real life and as part of a storyline.

- Frequent user of Twitter.
- MMA enthusiast.
"Monday Night RAW isn't worth watching unless Jim Ross is doing the play-by-play"
by WWE Creative October 16, 2011

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