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A small town in the desert of Nevada, citizens of Silver Springs are often missing teeth, know little of the outside world, and deny the existence of science. However, this may also be blamed by the unhealthy combination of Jack Daniels, Slim Jims and Mormanism, known as the "Nevada Trinity." Every homes abandoned pickup truck must have the tires removed and be contained at least 51% inside the chain link fence. Pitt Bulls are forbidden to be spayed or neutered and may not be chained or kept inside the chain link fence. Silver Springs ranks first in the state of Nevada for Domestic Violence, DUI Arrests and Incest. The average age of conception is 15.58 years or age. The Median income is $10,613.59 (the maximum annual unemployment benefit paid for by the state of Nevada.) The whole place is full of sagebrush, 10 square miles of sagebrush and prostitutes. You can also find mentally (and physically) retarded tourists (counting as fauna) who've been sent there by mistake and think they're at Disneyland. Silver Springs also ranks
#1 for most hookers.
#1 for most meth usage.
#1 for most Californian escapees in the past 3 decades
#1 for most most STD's per square mile (#2 is New Jersey)
#4 for most freaky-type people( who migrate to Bay to Breakers in California once a year).
#2 for being 38th on SAT scores.
#1 for the quickest time to be wedded (or divorced).
#50 for cost of real estate housing after real estate bubble burst.
#666 (or 13) for being Sodom and Gomorrah.
Friend 1: "Did you go to that party in Silver Springs?"
Friend 2: "No, what happened"
Friend 1: " I guess the math teacher from the highschool got caught with a sophomore"
Friend 2: "Again!!"
by WP2316NOFTW December 26, 2010

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