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The mental and emotional state of a disenfranchised, ethnic immigrant man living in the USA after he finally hooks up with a hot white girl.
Bystander 1: Who is that?

Bystander 2: Who?

Bystander 1: Over there. That calm soul sitting, meditating beneath the pine tree.

Bystander 2: Ah! That is Amin.

Bystander 1: Who is he? He looks so peaceful and at one with the world around him.

Bystander 2: Yes he is. In fact he is a state of enwhitenment. He is the Enwhitened.

Bystander 1: I see. How did it happen?

Bystander 2: I don't know. There are so many legends. Some say it was at a frat party. Some say it was in the backseat of his taxi. I've heard one version that he met her on OKCupid. There are many schools of thought.

Bystander 1: Indeed, there are always disagreements on these things.

Bystander 2: Indeed, thus is the folly of man.
by WORDSMAKER January 22, 2013
What one calls the person that is waiting for a relationship to break up so they can slip in and steal the other person. The role of catcher's position is difficult to sustain because he or she must listen to every boring relationship detail in hopes of being in-the-know when the time is right to strike.

Term first used in 1990 in Bolton Hill.
Dave is in the catcher's position waiting for Elizabeth and Dan to break up after their argument.
by WordsMaker February 17, 2012

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