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A term coined by Bob Barker (b. 1923-12-12, retired at the end of Season 35; ended 2007-06-15, taped 2007-06-06) which is someone that watches The Price Is Right all their life. Contestants are told this when they get on the show, win their One Bid prize and make it up on stage and declare that they are a fan of the show. Current host Drew Carey (b. 1958-05-23) has yet to say this to a contestant.
"You are a loyal friend and true." Bob Barker said to a contestant before the pricing game started.
by WM86 January 12, 2009
(b. 1986-10-23) 22-year old actress born in Anderson, South Carolina who plays Erin Silver on the fourth edition of the "Beverly Hills, 90210" franchise, 90210 on The CW. She also starred in films such as "The Hills Have Eyes II" , "This Christmas", "School for Scoundrels", and "Prom Night". She also was in notable commercials for Dentyne and Honda.
Did you know that Silver in her teenaged years on 90210 was played by Jessica Stroup?
by WM86 December 08, 2008
The unwanted sound heard on a game show, usually when a bonus round is lost.

On The Price Is Right, when a player loses his or her pricing game, or if there is a double overbid in the Showcase, these are signified by a tuba playing the first four notes of theme music followed by horns playing notes in C, D, and E all at once before pretending to faint. When Drew Carey hosted the show in 2007, an A-sharp note was added with faintly audible drums with the sound remixed in full stereo.
When you hear the losing horns on a game show, you know something went horribly wrong.
by WM86 January 13, 2009
(b. 1985-05-10) Beautiful actress from Los Angeles, California who starred in the 2008 sci-fi film Cloverfield, and recently starring in a horror film this year in 2009, The Unborn.
That hottie Odette Yustman is a name you're definitely going to hear in 2009.
by WM86 January 09, 2009
A short-lived category on Wheel of Fortune, used only during Season 12 (1994-09-05 - 1995-06-23; also the last year for the show to record in the Bob Barker Studio, or CBS Television City, studio 33) that consisted of a word that was 8-13 letters long. The player who solves this puzzle gets an extra $500 bonus for using the word in a complete sentence.
The first Megaword used on Wheel of Fortune was EXTEMPORIZE.
by WM86 April 01, 2009
The current announcer on The Price Is Right hired by Bob Barker mid-Season 32 in 2004 after previous announcer Rod Roddy's death in 2003 who makes appearances on camera when something funny happens and can be heard laughing off camera.
"But they won't edit out this. Rich was on the wrong page and he said, "It's an upright piano!" announced Drew Carey.
"Hahahahaha...DARN!" laughed Rich Fields.
by WM86 January 09, 2009
The round on The Price Is Right where a big wheel is spun and three players have already played their pricing games. The object is to come as close as you can to $1.00--WITHOUT GOING OVER. Getting the $1.00 (the 100) directly or in a combination of two spins (the two have to equal 100 or $1.00) awards $1,000 ($5,000 if a Million Dollar Spectacular). Landing on the green sections (5 and 15) during the bonus spin earns you $10,000 (previously $5,000) and landing on the 100 again on the bonus spin earns you $25,000 (previously $10,000). Players (and most often the host) can also be booed when they do not get the wheel around at least once.
"And now, here's Drew Carey (or Bob Barker) with the Showcase Showdown!" announcer Rich Fields said after announcing the consolation prizes or products for promotional consideration if the show is in a rerun.
by WM86 January 13, 2009

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