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a word used by people who do not listen to punk rock
bla bla bla PUNK RAWK 4EVAS!!!insert unnecesary symbols like "$" and "#" here
by WL November 04, 2004
n. (N.American 1990's) An abbreviation for system administrator.
User: What happened? Why is the site lagging?!
sys_mod: I think a sys_admin reset the server.
by WL December 29, 2003
collective noun. (N. American 21st century) 1. What one has aquired.
WL: I have an X-BOX controller in my aquiriations.

BG: Aquiriations??
by WL December 29, 2003
phrase coined by lead singer of too many taken,"seth" generally meaning a good rockin'
"that was rockalishous
by WL August 23, 2004

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