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2 definitions by WFS05

The most challenging boarding school in the nation. In the Southeast, Woodberry has the highest endowment per student (roughly 1 million dollars per student). Many are jealous of Woodberry based on their rigorous admissions process. Those who hate WFS are typically people who go to a school that Woodberry annually crushes in sports (all) and in the social scene (EHS girls especially love the tigers). The epitome of what a school should be; the ultimate source of eduation. The boys that attend Woodberry all go on to be successfull in their fields and leaders in society. Anyone who disagrees is jealous. Woodberry is not cocky, because they are deservingly better than everyone else.
Man 1: Hey did you go to Woodberry?
Man 2: Why, yes I did.
Man 3: You're hired!
by WFS05 April 04, 2005
224 231
Boarding school in Glencoe, Maryland, that once had a good reputation. Today, it stands as the epitome of last resorts for those seeking education. Students are made up of drug users, nobodys, rejects (usually expelled from prestigious boarding schools), or those who will go on to fail in society. For a parent, it is more of a distinction to send your kid to an un-funded public school. Oldfields Schoo, by far, is the worst embarrasment to boarding schools everywhere.
I would rather have a train run on me than go to the Oldfields mixer this weekend!
by WFS05 April 04, 2005
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