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Paradise Valley, sometimes just called pv, is a town located in Arizona.

The other definition is not accurate. If you live in Paradise Valley, you belong to the scottsdale unified school district. However, many paradise valley residents choose to send their children to private schools including Notre Dame Preparatory (in North Scottsdale), Xavier College Prep, Brophy College Prep, and Phoenix Country Day School (PCDS).

Paradise Valley is considered to be the wealthiest area in Arizona.
There are 12 resorts located in pv, and it is a real estate hot spot for those who can afford it.
The average house in pv costs anything from $1 million to $20 million dollars.

True paradise valley is located between the mountains; mainly Mummy Mt. and Camelback Mt.

Many people overlook paradise valley, thinking Scottsdale/$nobsdale is much nicer. However, this is not true. Not only is pv nicer, but the people in paradise valley are not as obnoxious as scottsdalians; although I'm sure there are just as many boob jobs in pv.

The worst part of paradise valley in the Barry Goldwater statue in the middle of a busy intersection.
girl a: I live in scottsdale. My parents got me a bmw for my birthday and I am spoiled.

girl b: Oh, I live in Paradise Valley. For my birthday, my parents got me a lexus and a berkshire hathaway class a stock (brk.a).

girl a: that is soooo stupid. why do you want a stock?

girl b: I want to invest more so that I don't run out of money, like you!
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by WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT January 03, 2009
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