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rage against the machine song the u.k's 2009 christmas number one
by WANKYOURSELFSILLY December 21, 2009
skateboarding started in the 70's misunderstood by common folk not many people will respect it till they try it. takes a lot of balls and determination i had to write an article to the local news paper because they labelled all skaters in our town annoying and trouble makers yeah right. stereotype
my grandad nailed a 2x4 to some old wheels in the 60's

dude lets go skate, dude i totally did that im stoked.
my favourite skaters are geoff rowley , ali boulala, and andrew renolds i love skateboarding
A poppy man is heroin dealer. Heroin comes from opium poppies and so on there you have a poppy man. Also one of john frusciantes solo songs.
poppy man that sketchy guy who deals heroin
by WANKYOURSELFSILLY December 20, 2009

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