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3 definitions by Vyolet

One who engages in the pastime of lush pigging.
Mary: We found Karen, asleep, surrounded by empty chocolate boxes, 2 empty bottles of wine and candy wrappers everywhere. Titanic was still playing on the Tv.
Jane: She is such a lushpig.
by Vyolet January 16, 2008
The meal eaten at midnight after you sneak downstairs. Half way between dinner and breakfast.
Man: I am starving this morning.
Woman: Me, not so much. Had a pretty big dinnefast.
by Vyolet January 05, 2009
A nickname of the current Prime Minister (as of 2008) of Australia, Kevin Rudd.
Man 1: Did you hear what the Australian Prime Minister is up to now?

Man 2: No. What is Fudd Rudder up to now?
by Vyolet October 27, 2008