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The Dystopian fool's paradise that results when hipsters have finally completely consumed and cannibalized culture and anyone who has had anything to say against it has been effectively suppressed, ignored, and/or stigmatized. A prevailing blandness (despite often loud fashion styles) permeates all in existence. Elitism with a D.I.Y. look masks a gentrified consumer slave state that is destined to consume itself. Narcissism is masked by a shrill, hyper-"sensitive" obsession with political correctness for the sake of it and the appearance of diversity without the mess of the actual thing. A blase "enthusiasm" (at best) for "creativity and diversity" masks an innate fatalism and a rampant sense of apathy. All previous cultures and subcultures are dead and/or assimilated. Anger at the overhyped stagnation is considered by most to be reactionary, hateful, and even bigoted. The soul of all culture is dead while zombie hipsters play with its corpse and wear smug smirks on their faces and call it an act of counterculture when all they're really doing is sucking each other off and declaring themselves the arbiters of good taste, intellect, art, outsider lifestylism, etc. Everyone else left alive is too rich to care, too brainwashed to object, too bigoted to prove the hipsters wrong, and/or too desperate, powerless, and voiceless to make a difference.
When living in a hypstopia, authenticity is like sex. Both fetishized and stigmatized, it is used to sell everything but the real thing.
by VyleK October 14, 2012

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