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A group of people who fail to realize that if they can trace their lineage back to the first people who inhabited Britain they will most likely have had French, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Celtic and/or German again descendants. This misguided view of the world leads them to demand that all non-white-christian-english (quote-en-quote)-straight people should be kicked out of Britain for doing jobs we are too lazy to do, for less pay. Thankfully their bumbling baffoon of a leader, Nick Griffin, has so far only attracted a minority of the vote in the UK although their support, as can be seen by the definitions (heavy air quotes here) on this page.
I am a member of the BNP and I firmly believe that gay people are from a different ethnic group to straight people. Hooray for me.
by VoodooHoover April 07, 2010

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