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A Mennonite Necklace is the accumulation of perspiration that gathers around the collar of a t-shirt. It is important to note that a proper Mennonite Necklace is distinguished by the fact that the shirt has no other sweat stains apart from the collar area.
Iain: Look at Steve, he's a true Mennonite.
Mags: How do you know?
Iain: Look at his Mennonite Necklace... It's not even cold out.
by Vonbrownstein July 22, 2010
In the game of cribbage, the dealer gets an extra hand "the crib". Now, when the sum total of that hand is 2 or less it is reffered to as a "Tuna Crib"
Arghhh.... This shitty Tuna Crib cost me the game!
by Vonbrownstein November 05, 2009
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