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2 definitions by Von Cockenstein

(v.) the act of sodomizing an unsuspecting homosexual negroid; often results in the contraction of AIDS. When diegoing, the perpetrator lures in a pack of niggers with a bucket of fresh KFC. As the apes feast on the chicken, he thoroughly inspects them, searching for the one with the largest, most African elephant dick.

Although penises with piercings and other tribal deformities are preferred, the largest cock will suffice for diegoing. Once a suitable porch monkey is selected, he will coerce the creature with pictures of female apes. As the negroid achieves a massive erection, the diegoer will sneak up and position his well greased anus above the shaft.

In one swift motion, the perpetrator impales his ass on the cock and rides it like a cowboy from Brokeback Mountain, eventually causing the negroid to ejaculate. In the final step of diegoing, the sick fuck will proceed to collect the semen and pour it over fresh bean tacos, as he is usually Mexican or some corrupt variant. As he eats the tacos, the diegoer smiles with joy, contemplating his next victim.
Diego: My asshole is feeling really tight, you wanna go diego tonight?

Jared: Sure! I'd love to go, although I call dibs on your freshly made semen-covered tacos, I'm too much of a curly headed fucking jew to pay for Taco Bell! Did I mention I'm gay?
by Von Cockenstein December 17, 2010
39 39
A decent state university filled with people who harbor great resentment toward UC Berkeley, probably because they got rejected from there and had to stoop to a CSU.

I could give a long rant as to why Berkeley is better than cal poly, but the sheer number of definitions that attempt to bash Berkeley with petty comments speaks for itself.
Cal Poly Grad: Berkeley sucks! Bunch a pot smokin hobos!

Berkeley Grad: Please, whine more. No one even question's UCB's quality due to our world class engineering programs, nobel prize winning faculty, and amazing job prospects after college.
by Von Cockenstein March 31, 2010
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