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adolf hitler served in the First World War, He first tried to get accepted into Austria Army but after a mental Test he was rejected from joining from there he then moved to Germany where he reaplied to join Germany Army... Germany being so needly for men they accepted him. He Fought through out WW1 and made the rank of corporal. After being hit with a gas attack during 1918 I believe he was hospitalied Until he was returned to munich.

Now to Skip ahead a bit. After Proving to the german people that he kept he promise to turning germany depression into something. The German people then believed whatever adolf hilter told them from here on out.. He had a Great Fighting Force with the creation of the Tastic Lighting War.. or Blitzkreig (probably spelt wrong). His Air Combat was unbeatable till the Battle of Britain where Britian beat them with 1:3 of germany fighting aircrafts. After making a pact with Russia to not involve them with the War.. Hilter soon after attacked Russia where he made it to Stalingrad and was halted by Russia Forces.. because of Germany bombing of Stalingrad. it made the perfect battleground to protect. Soon the Harsh winter rolled in and hit the morale of the Germany ill suited men and soon forced them to withdraw... I may be wrong with some of this if I am feel free to add on or change anything I know I missed alot but my fingers are getting tired
Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazi Party maybe one of the smartest man in the world being he confused millions among millons
by Volges September 30, 2006

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