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1. n. The mode of transportation in Palm Beach County that takes 'people' from their cafeteria job to their shanty.
2. adj. Describes anything that is of low quality and deserves to be in a shanty-town.
1. n. Did you see that man get on the Palm Tran? I think he served me lunch!
2. adj. This car is so Palm Tran.
by Virtuoso6 October 10, 2006
adj. An acronym standing for "Hatian Quality" describing things that washed up on the beach, belong in shanties, are shitty in general, or associated with the very poor.
TOM: Did you see that house in Delray? It is such HQ.
PAT: Yeah, because Hatians built it out of a raft!
TOM: Oh, that's why there's chickens running around!
NICK: Yeah, they're too dumb to invent a cage,so HQ.
by Virtuoso6 October 10, 2006
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