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2 definitions by ViridianDusk

Pronounced as meh-hem-neh-heh. A general expression of frustration when you are either losing an argument or the person you are talking to keeps interupting or ignoring you.
Person A: Hey guys-
Person B: Oh my God, did you hear what Joey did last night?
Person A: Guys?
Person C: Was Joey the guy with the long hair and glasses?
Person A: Guys!
Person B: Yeah.
Parson A: Mehemneheh!
Persons B and C: What?
by ViridianDusk March 15, 2010
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A derogatory term for a bank teller or cashier. Also used when you are pissed off at the person acting as "banker" when playing Monopoly.
Sorry I'm late, there's a new change monkey working at the coffee shop.


Gimme my change, change monkey!
by ViridianDusk March 15, 2010
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