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By Far the greatest state in the Union, We got spittin backy, chevys, and 12 gauges for everyone. This is where the South Begins, West virginia didnt seciede from Virginia we kicked those douches out cuz they dun banged their cousins.... Virginia forever, Southern by the grace of god...
"Clayton get in the Caaa"

"this is Virginia, its pronounced Cawr Sumbich
by Virginia206 February 12, 2008
AN orange cow composed entirely of crap, weighs about 3 times more than a Chevy Halfton , but manages to somehow fit in a Kia, and the piece of shit trailer it lives in
"mrs. Brause your sutdents are mooing at you"
by Virginia206 February 12, 2008
Certain Form of music that sounds like horse shit, nails and onions in a blender, Country is wayy better
the n word 12 times, the f word 8 times and pimp about every other word = greatest rap song ever
by Virginia206 February 12, 2008

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