17 definitions by Virgin Of Luck

Another word to describe bad dogs breath. Smells like fish guts, and liver.
Ko-Ko had bad case of fish guts.
by Virgin Of Luck June 26, 2006
A guy with a swollen head, or a the common jock. Also a man with no neck. The face, and chest meld together like chopmeat, there fore he is a meat head. Also a guy who works out to much, and has a disgustingly thick neck.
Kev is such a meat head.
by Virgin Of Luck June 26, 2006
A skinny girl (usually ugly), who makes fun of overweight people. She is so insucure in her looks, that she'll make fun of a fat person to pull the attetion off of her uguly face, all the while the guy she's trying to impress is checking out the "Fat Chick", and think of different ways to fuck her.
OMG... Rachel is such a Skinky girl. Thats why Mike left her for Nan.
by Virgin Of Luck June 25, 2006
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