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2 definitions by Violence

A non-existent ideal created by America but never respected or set in motion. There is absolutely no such thing as "freedom of speech" if the things that you say can be censored, silenced, or even erased. People try to exercise their right to freedom of speech, but no one ever succeeds because there will always be some asshole out there who thinks that you are wrong for whatever reason, and makes it his mission in life to censor whatever you have presented to the public as your opinion. No one anywhere in the world really has freedom of speech.
Say something that even ONE person disagrees with - on the internet, in a magazine, newspaper, on TV, or even verbally - and you get shot down and told that you're "wrong". Did I mention that this is because ONE single person disagreed with you? "freedom of speech" is a joke.
by Violence February 24, 2006
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You all are in denial. Everyone knows who these bands are.
Gimmick Bands that have made lots of money fooling very stupid people:

Slipknot, Insane Clown Posse, Gorillaz...
by Violence April 05, 2006
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