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a word used to discribe Faith/Buffy fanfiction.
I read a really great fuffy fic last night.
by Vine February 21, 2004
To be involved in the act of drinking.
I need to go do some drinkage man.
by Vine February 21, 2004
1.With gusto, determination, and style.
2. An exclamation Similar to Hoopla.
3. Power
1. Give it some guhumpha!
2. Guhumpha!
3. Put some more guhmpha into it!
by Vine February 20, 2004
A total hottie.
I want to marry strong bad.
by Vine January 26, 2004
An acronym for Women Against Pornography; a group of women known to traipse about
with anti pornography signs and such and holler at people while showing them pictures of
"women being degraded"
Oh shit here comes those wap chicks again!
by Vine January 30, 2004
A carbonated beverage. Most people do not know what the main flavor in it is. Most
people do not want to know, and the company doesn't want you to know as it is part of it's
advertising campaign: "confusing tastebuds since 1885" The flavor is (believed by some) to be prune juice.
Sally: I hate dr pepper!
Jim: Your crazy!
by Vine January 30, 2004
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