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Adjective, used in describing a body which is overweight, with hanging parts of fat. Examples can be found above the hips, and at the back of the atms (behind the triceps muscle).
Look at that flabby skank, when she walks her flapping creates a warming breeze!
by Viio July 20, 2005
A bebo stalking is the act of regularly checking up on friends/ex-girlfriends/co-workers in order to see who they are dating, chatting to, or just to see if they mention them (the stalker) in conversation.

The worst bebo stalking then involves messaging or texting the victim to harass them for their beboing activites.

Paul: The ex was texting my phone at 3am again last night, hassling me about my new girlfriend.
Andy: Who told her? We haven't even seen her. She must be bebo stalking you again, my friend.
#bebo #stalker #stalking #perving #bebo perving #bebo stalker #bebostalking #bebostalker
by viio October 30, 2007
The place which you visit if you take far too much ketamine (special k). Synonymous with the k hole, but definitely beyond k land.
The cleaner at my work was halfway to planet K before we even got to lunchtime. She needs a good wash.
#ketamine #planet k #k hole #special k #cleaner
by viio October 20, 2007
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