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Large enough hip bones for one to use as a steering wheel during sex.
Maggie has awesome sex handles.
by Videovamp February 23, 2008
Used mainly for racing games, ie Mario Kart Wii. To drift an impossibly long/difficult corner and succeed without hitting the wall.
"Dude, bitch drift that shit! Yeah, get that boost!"
by Videovamp August 04, 2008
Pouring pixie stick candy onto one's body and having another lick it up, much like a candy body shot.
We spent the night doing pixie trails and now I'm all sticky.
by Videovamp March 15, 2008
Stupid Pet Owner, as coined by the livejournal community stupidpetowners. Namely, the owner of an animal/pet/s who does something ranging from face palm worthy to absolutely hideous.
"Joanie's cat died last night."
"She didn't take it to the vet when it had an infected eye."
"Augh! What an SPO!"
by Videovamp November 18, 2009
The red tinge given to a girl's lips after giving a blowjob, imitating that she were wearing a red lipstick.
Everyone could tell what you were doing with him in the bedroom, girl. You have dick lipstick for days.
by Videovamp February 12, 2012
Slang for straight sex.
Yo man, Lisa gonna cook you up some pancakes tonight?
by Videovamp February 23, 2008
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