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Wanna be emos or wemos
someone who has greasy black hair with massive roots.
listens to my chemical romance the black parade and has'nt heard of the other two albums, but claims to be "there biggest fan"
totally bums up to panic! at the disco
wears black and someother colour preferably pink or red fingerless gloves
loves skulls and crossbones, and has a pair of fake converse with them on form new look
is a rowfers fanatic and bums up to them
likes to pretend there bi-sexual but has never made out with a girl in there life.
basically a 'wemo' is a like a greebo but not as much trench coats.
msn convo:

IheartGerardWay says: hey, guess what?

EmoPrincess666 says: hey whats up?

IheartGerardWay says: im bi sexual

EmoPrincess666 says: oh, cool beans <3

IheartGerardWay says: im bored im going cut myself to pass the time.

EmoPrincess666 says: good idea can i come round your house then we can cut together and talk about how emo fall out boy are.

IheartGerardWay says: sure, but don't get bloond on my carpet

EmoPrincess666 says: lol,i wont, it's not as if im trying commit suicide ¬.¬

IheartGerardWay says: lol ok c you in a bitch

wanna be emos
by VictoriaForACowboyx August 24, 2007

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