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4 definitions by Victoria the most beautiful gothic girl in the Universe

Noun- Someone who overtakes an ass by penetrating it with a penis.
"That kid is a Butt Goblin"
32 11
#1 Noun- A very flamboyant flirty homosexual male.
#2 Noun- A cigarrett (English-fag) that is burning"
#1- "Tony is such a Flaming fag"
#2-"wheres Mac?"
"Hes outside smoking a flaming fag"
24 8
The little clumps of shit, cum wades, ect that chillax in your pubic hair.
" Man you need to shower, youve got some serious fungle bunnies chillin in your ball hairs."
6 4
The cellulite filled poc marks on an old womans ass. They somewhat resemble a bag of cottage cheese.
"Your mom has serious butt mushrooms".
12 14