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A dumb punk rock mentality that basically states that if a band gets a certain large number of fans and become more popular within the world as a whole, they have gone too far, past the "popularity" line and fallen into the vanity of fame. They've become too good for the fans and aren't worth listening to anymore. However, the only way a band becomes a sell out is because they have fans in the first place. In other words, if a band "sells out," it's the fans fault.
Good Charlotte did not sell out just because they have a large fan base and are on MTV. New Found Glory, Mest, and AFI are on MTV. Did they sell out? No...
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003
A term used to refer to the bras that have padded inserts to give the look that a chick has a larger cleavage than she really does.
"Her push up bra does wonders for that flat chested freak."
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003
Something incapable of being set on fire.

Something incapable of being angered easily.
He broke up with her but she's so inflammable.
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003
An overused symbol that basically denotes something is cool. Some show it by doing the hand motion: a pinky and pointer finger straight out, and the other three fingers held down.
Some freak: I found $5 on the street the other day.
Another freak: Really? Rock on! *stupid hand motion*
by Vicious Riot June 21, 2003
1) what the person below me said
2) a dumb pinkish pokemon
3) the sound a cat can make
2) Mew is the coolest Pokemon ever!
3) Cat: mew...
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003

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