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1. A westcoast rapper/producer who started out as a member of the NWA. He then moved on to Deathrow and finaly to his own lable called Aftermath. Famous for discovering Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and co-signing 50 Cent.
"Say what you say, but give me that "bomb" beat from Dre."
by VicHek June 02, 2004
1. Used to describe an underground industry that participants "play" such as selling drugs, making rap music, pimping, or gang activity.
2. A member of G-Unit rap group who hails from Compton and was originaly signed by Dr.Dre.
1. "Don't sell your soul for this (the) rap game."
by VicHek June 02, 2004
To use personal power to push others around. Sometimes not in a physical sense.
"If my wife does not shut up I'm going to have to strong arm her."

"The leader of the group was able to strong arm everyone into leaving all their other groups."
by VicHek June 02, 2004
Electronic Arts

A videogame company who is famous for creating the Sims and Madden. Although they continue to have high sales many gamers accuse EA of being stale, unoriginal, more concerned with making money, and strong arming the industry to follow them.
"I like Dreamcast but EA never developed from them."
by VicHek June 02, 2004

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