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The best Country ever the reason lil whiteys in america say it is worst then Europe is because their families have been in the country for generations and dont know the opertunities of a free market. It started modern democracy. But lil Comunist British losers and Canadian Socialist weed addicted homos can go to hell witch they dont belive, or they did but did not think it was right for them so the changed The Ultimate truth so that they did not have to use morals, They also think that all of america is white even though they are more integrated than any other Large scale country.
Oh yeah if Britaan i mean the "UK" then why did they change their name to the United Kingdom, SO THEY COULD BE LIKE AMERICA" Why does britan elect a prime minister and is not a Monarchy, BECAUSE THE EMOCRACY(dont give me that Greek shit I know they invented it , but everyone else became democratic after the US)
Why does Canada think they are awsome, because they suck. I know you think that every republican is ignorant but it is not true and not every american is republican anyway
LilTeenager: the USA is so ignorant the UK is better
Intellegent person: but they created modern democracy
lilTeenager: well Japan is better they arnet ignorant
IP: well Japan does not let people in the contry to keep racial purity and the US is racist?
by VhLevant January 14, 2010
Someone who belives in hard work and a God


They belive that babys deserve a chance
THEY DO SUPPORT STEM CELL RESEARCH (just not from an unborn)
They belive in all the amendments
They dont think men should not give blowjobs in a marrige because marrige has is between a man and a woman
They belive in WORKING FOR PAY
They belive in racial equality and have a black chairperson but dont belive that if some black guys could not pass a test that everyone else took, they should not get a position they did not earn for no reason. Also Abe Lincoln was a republican

Oh yeah im poor and a minority and I am Catholic and a Republican so FUCK YOU
Prepy rich honky: Do you know what it is like to be "less fortunate"
Me(republican): Kinda im originally from Little Village and most of my family is inner city and urban
PRH: Well dont you think you would like the money
Me: No my family would not even accept it

PRH:Well you are a republican white guy
Me: Im mexican, ASSHOLE, and I am poorer than you
Me: istead of buying ambercrombie maybe you should spend the $200 you spent on those jeans and donate to charity
PRH: Uhh well you belive that your religion is the only true one
Me: Well so does all religions (besides buddism) but you love Islam and judism but dispise the catholic church
by VhLevant January 13, 2010
A news channel that is bias but it has to be because CNN CBS and MSNBC are all liberal biased maybe not to the same extent but all put together makes one hell of a bigger bias, also little white bitches(liberals) think that people who watch fox are "Frustrated Old Xenophobes" well I have a Dominican imagrant father and a 1st generation mexican mother and I listen to rap and am very proud of being latin and we all watch FOX NEWS and the lil german/irish/norweegen/what ever the hell you can go fuck your selves for thinking all conservatives are white and old and rich
Black guy(ignorant): Obama rocks
White liberal(comunist): Yeah now thanks to him you will stay in the bottom of society because my ansestors captured yours and forced you to work your asses Way To Hard, now work seems awful but if it were not for liberals you would have to work and become a hard worker who is respectable and can not be stereo-typed, but we liberals think that giving money away is so you can feel more cofortable being non productive and killing your babys is fine. But thanks to Fox News we do not control the media.
Black guy(not ingnorant after hearing this and watching Fox news) Fuck obama just because hes black does not make him a messiah.
by VhLevant January 13, 2010

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