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1 definition by VerucaSalt

Big, nasty, dirty "women" that give lesbians a bad name. Have rightfully earned the moniker "dirty gerties" by attempting to hide their all-encompassing lust for St. Catherine's girls via sucking and fucking their closeted brothers in crime, Benedictine. Wear uniforms that, while not actually heinous by their own merit, manage to make these so-called girls even less attractive. Have terrible problem with making personal hygiene, thus explaining the smell of death surrounding their learning institution. *Note* This definition is in no way supposed to reflect badly on lesbians. To imply that any lesbian would find a Gertie anything but abhorrent would be a great disservice. Ladies, keep up the good work.
Dirty Gertie: I have to wax my back, chest and stomach tonight. Would you care to join me in this hair-removal festival? I know you have some unsightly body hair of your own. I saw it last night when I secretly watched you undress.
Derty Girtie 2: I'd love to, but you know, I made plans to sit in my car outside of St. Catherine's and cry. So, so many tears.
Dirty Gertie: Understandable. Maybe once I have removed said offending body hair I will join you. But only after I service my "boyfriend". I must administer a blumpkin. Oh well, anything to hide my lesbianocity.
Dirty Gertie 2: *sniffle* I was born in a Holiday Inn.
Dirty Gertie: I...love Anne Coulter. *soul dies*
by VerucaSalt January 27, 2005
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