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The name of a very special person. He does not know how special he is, but he is in fact the most special person I know. This wonderful guy is a cat person, likes comics, but is at the same time outgoing. May have hidden something from people at a time in his life, but whether a big or small thing, his friends may have in a way already known it. A rugged exterior combined with an all-together surprising yet enjoyable voice makes for a pleasant combination of yin and yang. Tall, dark and handsome, this British sounding Bollywood hero is a real gem.
That Anirudh is a real bamf.

I hope that Rudh notices me tonight.

If Anirudh was a superhero he would be Super(sexy)man.
by Vertigo_G February 11, 2012
Fun, Loving, Fun-Loving, awesome, paradoxically oxymoronically the shit. Juxtaposes the existence of uncoolness. Generally loves life, though is at times EMOtional. Controlled by his music. Pretty cool cat. Hobbies may vary from anything to playing guitar, playing football, playing pc games or even carpentry. His options are in no way limited. Skies the limit for this absolute bau5.
Charles is one bad-ass mufuccka.

Charles is so talented musically/Charles is really into his sports/Charles really enjoys carpenting(carpentry)
by Vertigo_G February 11, 2012

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