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Urban chat room of the internet which is home to an online community and mixture of persons based from across the globe.

Crafted and established by an anonymous being who maintains the online and community-surroundings.

The urban ultimatum of chat rooms; Home and birth place to a extensive list of profound and diverse internet trolls.
Chat-Buddy, another avenue for communication within the deep, dark web.
by VerminWatch February 04, 2013

Self titled Head Moderator of the Urban Chat Room, Chat-Buddy.

Homosexual, manic depressive, online-predator, naive male-hunting, university drop out.

Male who has a history of failed online relationships and has no public standing in society.

A person who is deluded in thinking that they have some life experience and moral high-ground.

A failure in life.
"Who's killing Chat-Buddy? That's a silly question... It's Discadia"
by VerminWatch May 13, 2013

An under-cover taxi driver operating around the drug-infested streets of Scotland.

Maintaining an online life as someone who owns an extensive list of cars, when in fact, operating in a Nissan Primera.

A regular to the Urban Ultimatum of Chat Rooms, Chat-Buddy.

Frequenting the 'Gay Room' under the cover of darkness, he maintains homosexual, online relations.

Internet Troll who has brown skin.
Who's the only person in the Gay Room? -

It's Mall22!
by VerminWatch May 13, 2013

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