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The sexual act of a girl desperately trying to get pregnant but her lover will only let her give him a blow job. Once he has left the room she attempts to impregnate herself by “Mama Birding” his cum (throwing-up) into her own underwear.
She was so desperate that after the blow job she tried to "Mama Bird" his cum into her panties.
by VeritasCaput March 31, 2010
The guilt projected onto a person that doesn't want to or believe in taking the flu shot vaccine.
You say "No" meaning "I don't want you to inject me with formaldehyde & mercury" and the nurse gives you the flu shot guilt by sending you a look like you just said "there's no such thing as God."
by VeritasCaput January 19, 2012
The act of using your tongue for anal intercourse.
I knew my girlfriend was going down on me, I just didn't know she was going to slip me the anal tongue dart!
by VeritasCaput April 14, 2014

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