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3 definitions by Veritas Eruditio

When the world's worst scientists and academics come together, because they have given up on what they do, and try to explain our existence through the use of magic, excrement, and poorly written books. See also Creationism, Mississipi, ignorant fuck, and giving up.
Philip: The science shit is too hard, we should make it easier.
Mike: Do you believe in magic?
Philip: Sure.
Mike: Cool...that was easy...but we should call it Intelligent Design.
Philip: Let's male-space-dock.
Mike: Ok, I love your balls.
by Veritas Eruditio December 12, 2006
term used to desribe an overused, old, or somewhat haggard vagina. Can also be used while referencing various types of deli meats.
Look at that shit! Looks like slices of roastbeef. That bitch has a damn deli down there!
by Veritas Eruditio December 12, 2006
In Argentina, the word is used to describe the act of picking up women at a bar, especially with reckless abandon for their feelings or any sort of long-term relationship concerns. The term pirate is used to describe such a person.
Adam: You want to trick girls into sleeping with you tonight by buying them drinks and whispering sweet nothings into their ears, and maybe forcing your finger into their vagina on the dance floor?

Chris: Sure, I am up for some pirating tonight.
by Veritas Eruditio December 12, 2006