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A slang word, which is the contraction of two commonly known words, "Queer" and "Faggot." The word is not derogatory, but instead another slang word to describe anyone of homosexual tendencies. Such word is commonly used in context with close friends, and can/may be offensive to actual homosexuals.
"Justin, don't stand like that, it makes you look like a quegot."

Justin - "Hey, we should go to the mall to shop."

Jerimiah - "Eff that, don't be such a quegot."
by Veracious4Tap December 07, 2009
A sub-conscious button that is turned on, to produce epic gameplay in the popular Bungie Studios' game "Halo 3." Turning on this switch allows one to overrun a a team of highly ranked players that think they are MLG worthy. By doing so, one can also gather material for their upcoming montage.
1. Dude, I was one shot in blue room, but popped out and went beast mode on his ass.

2. I went +24 on The Pit? Wow, beast mode.
by Veracious4Tap December 07, 2009

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