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20 dollars worth of marijuana. depends largely on the quality. very low quality mexican schwag can be 3 grams for 20 dollars. high quality stuff on the street is generally 20 dollars per gram. at 275 dollars an ounce, which is about standard, it comes out to a little under 10 dollars a gram. Most dealers are willing to sell a gram for 15 dollars, or about a gram and a half for 20. It depends a lot on the dealer. Many street dealers here in berkeley will actually sell 3/4 of a gram for 20 dollars (see "custie").

i have also heard the phrase "dub for 15", meaning selling what would usually be 20 dollars of marijuana for 15 dollars.
"I came across 25 dollars while cleaning my room, so I bought myself a dub sack, some phillies, and a lighter"
by vendetta October 08, 2003
Short for Niccolo Machiaveli whose millitary strategy was to inflict fear on an opponent before attacking him.

Tupac was working to make Makaveli his label name before being killed.
the makaveli strategy
by vendetta February 06, 2004
An Admin from GTA-SanAndreas.com,he likes to ban/warn black people(aka. Niggahz) and n00bs for no reason,everyone hates him.
PSY Says:ImaPhatPimp is gay

Loco Cesar Says:Me too niggah

PSY Says:I r teh geih too nigguh!
by Vendetta April 04, 2005
The quotes that go around a seemingly innocent word to give it a sexual twist.

Pervquotes are used around a normal word to imply double meaning.
I need to go have some "quiet time"
by Vendetta March 26, 2005
a disease of the mind where reason and logic fail.
Bush is an evil dictator, but Saddam was an ok guy.
by Vendetta January 22, 2005

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