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15 years in a persistant vegatative state is not life. Having no capacity for thought, she has lost her humanity and become little more then another political issue that Bush and the federal courts should stay out of, but stick their greasy fingers into anyway.

People seem to be poiting the finger at Michael Schiavo, blaming him for continuing his life while his wife rots in a hospital. The fact of the matter is that Michael Schiavo has power of attorney under the law, something all the conservative, pro-life morons in the world dont seem to realize. What that means is that he DOES have every right to decide what to do with his wife. The man still has a life to live and is fully entitled to the insurance on his wife, which is why her parents are trying so hard to get him to divorce her. Once that is done, he loses any rights he would have had to the money, which would then go to the parents. It is because of the greed of the parents that this issue has gone on so long. Why else would they want to keep a vegetable alive for 15 years, especially after every doctor to walk into the room has told them that she has virtually no brain activity and no chance for recovery?
Michael Schiavo 1, Schindlers 0
by Vegetable March 23, 2005

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