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3 definitions by Vee Dawg

a guy who hits and runs, as in he tells girls what they wanna hear to get in their panties and as soon as he gets the pussy, he's gone. unable to commit to one woman. DOG.
Paul is a dog. don't date him!!!
by Vee Dawg August 08, 2005
what a guy with a large penis sometimes calls his package. sometimes this enormous penis size is merely a figment of his imagination. guys like this are usually annoyingly cocky.
Sadly Misinformed Guy: "Deez hoes can't get enough of this daddy dick!"
by Vee Dawg August 03, 2005
someone who eats or drinks another persons things when they are found left in the refrigerator
Yo, why you drank my apple juice, fool?
by Vee Dawg August 05, 2005