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2 definitions by Vardinator

See "Speculation."
Dude, did you see that FOX News report? They actually reported that you can get herpes from Beer Pong!
by Vardinator March 14, 2009
A term used to describe two or more amounts, physical or metaphorical, that seem to take on a property of percentage. That is, when one amount rises, the other must drop in order to keep the maximum percentage at one hundred. (100%) This normally works against someone, especially the one who points out the counter-proportion.
It seems like the amount of friends a guy has on MySpace or Facebook is counter-proportionate to how many friends he has in real life.

God, it seems like the more this kid I'm babysitting likes a toy, the more noise it makes, the less I can enjoy myself while I'm watching him. Money be damned, I'm not doing this anymore.
by Vardinator September 05, 2009