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Pronouncing a curse word or undesirable entity such as hell, satan, damn, ect. with similar acoustics but slightly differently to acheive the same meaning but in a pussified way. Originating from NHL hockey announcers when they started pronouncing Miroslav Satan's name as 'Satahn', instead of Satan, as to not offend any "Joe Bible" viewers.
Joe: "Darn it, I locked my keys in the car!"

Bob: "You pussy, why do you have to use the satahnic version of damn?"
by Vanhoven June 01, 2009
Unexpected ejaculated semen. Often as the result of oral sex.
I told her I wasn't going to cum yet, so she wasn't too happy to get a face and mouthfull of my milky surprise when I couldn't hold back.
by Vanhoven June 01, 2009
When playing black jack or 21, the person before you hitting on a hard 12 to 19 and drawing a face card or ten to bust, while you are splitting aces or doubeling down on a ten or eleven total. You draw a low card or two when splitting, to lose to the dealer.
"How's it going Jack?"

"It was going good until this cocksucker next to me ten-jacked my queen and I drew a six to lose to the dealer."
by Vanhoven June 01, 2009
In black jack, doubeling down on a hard 17 and drawing a 4 or lower to beat the dealer.
"Yeah, they kicked me out of the casino after I rain-manned my fifth hand and they thought I was counting cards."
by Vanhoven June 01, 2009
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