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A bar that attracts tools. They can usually be spotted in hip neighborhoods and have one name that involves a mix of lower and upper case letters such as DoUChe, or DaYT RaYpe.

Patrons of a tool box generally can be seen wearing Abercrombie, or those horrible tattoo shirts. They can be seen wearing white sunglasses even in a dark club, wearing vintage Adidas, and talking on their iphones.
Your Friend: "Hey, have you heard about that new club downtown, ROOfiE?

Me: "Yeah, avoid it. It's a real tool box."
by Vandervest June 18, 2009
A Bum Savings Account is an old shopping cart, usually from Wal Mart or Value Village, that a bum has filled with bottles and cans to eventually cash in for a box of wine.
"Man, look at that. There goes another creepy homeless guy with his Bum Savings Account."
by Vandervest June 18, 2009
Emo for people in their mid to late 20s.
A guy who listens to a lot of indie music and writes bad poetry graduates from emo school at age 25 and is now a hipster.
by Vandervest August 12, 2009
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