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The denial of inserting the tongue into ones mouth during kissing by clenching of the teeth .
I was kissing my new girlfriend the other day and decided to take things up a notch by going for the french when she completely denied me and gave me the reeterteet.
by VanDangle March 01, 2009
The typical shady and sleazy salesman whom often times smells of booze and sports a comb over. 'Cloons' can be found in many industries including, but not limited to: mattress sales, used car lots, door to door vacuum sales, Capital Meats, telemarketing, and the mortgage industry.
In the 10 minutes I spent looking at the cars on the lot I was harassed by at least 5 sales cloons. Eventually, I became so fed up with their cheesy spiels that I left.
by VanDangle February 25, 2009
The metal flap which covers the exhaust on larger trucks and tractors. Often known as an exhaust flapper which prevents water from entering the engine and exhaust system when not in use.

When the engine is in use, the flap or "pub" pivots up and down allowing the exhaust gasses to safely escape.

The hick down the street put a set of exhaust stacks on his F-350 and it even has a set of pubs now!! Every time he starts his truck up the little pubs move up and down.
by VanDangle March 01, 2009

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