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I personally like Neopets. It's generally a more childish website, though teenagers and adults play also. Some features it has are:

You raise a virtual pet. No neopets are real animals, though some you can tell are supposed to look like a real or fictional animal. Some species are unis, xweetoks, usuls, peophins, myncis, and so many more. There are also special species which it's hard to get. For example, a drawk. You can't just walk into Create A Pet and say you want one. You have to get an egg. You can paint them or customize them.
-User Lookups
You can write stuff about yourself, and code it to make your lookup look cool. The only part I don't like about that is that you have to use HTML, and I can never figure the damn thing out.
You can talk to other users, if you're over 13. Or said that you are. I stay away from the boards, so I won't get iced. Iced, and Frozen, are other words for getting kicked off of Neopets forever. If you do go on the boards, beware. Some people over react and report you over the tinest things.

Some are easy, some are hard. You earn neopints (money) from them. I get around 30k a day from playing games.

There are lots of lands on Neopets, each with a different theme.

-Neopian Times
A "newspaper" full of user submitted material.

Gosh, theres more, I think, but I can't remember them. All in all, Neopets is a great site, but like every site, it has its flaws. And its addicting. Very, very addicting.
I just adopted a Xweetok!

I just edited my user lookup.

Some people on the boards can be bitches.

Neopets is fun!
by VampireChick218 August 29, 2010

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