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(for the record, I don't hate Christians, I hate Christianity and what it does to people. If you wanna hate on that, have at. It's what I believe. Go ahead, tell me, once again, that I don't have the right to believe it. Everything in this article comes from survey and research.)

People who believe in the fictional compendium otherwise known as the Bible. Many Christians push their beliefs on others, and will go so far as to insult others for their beliefs and practices.

All Christians falsely believe that they were persecuted throughout history, however, in all actuality, Christians slaughtered thousands upon thousands of 'non-believers', and when they had successfully killed off enough 'non-believers' to the point that they could be considered the ruling religion, they input fictional tales of martyrdom into popular literature.

Christians were respopnsible not only for most of the religious wars throughout history, but also the torture and murder of innocent people all the way from 'witches' to Native Americans. For centuries, Christianity justified rape, slavery, child murder, theft of civil and natural rights, persecution of minorities, and closed mindedness. Even today a good portion of these things are still upheld by Christianity.

America in a largely Christian nation, and although Barak Obama has been pinned by some as a Muslim, there is no reason to believe that America has ever had a non-Christian president. As a result, religious legislation is common in America, which is supposedly a 'secular country'.
The other day, I was called a 'hopeless sinner' by a Christian when I told them I didn't want to engage in their church Bible study.
by Valorous December 03, 2008

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