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A person who's not very smart; definitively, one who is overweight, slow-moving and slow-witted. Referencing a Jurassic-period dinosaur with an enormous body, exceptionally long neck, and tiny head.
Frank: My boss is such a diplodocus! His pea brain can't comprehend this project I initiated!

Joe: Better hold it down ~ I think I hear him lumbering down the hall.
by Vagabond King February 25, 2010
This condition exists when a guy suddenly contacts a woman from his past with whom he has had sex, usually because he isn't getting any at the time. Like a dog that buries a bone in order to come back to it, he considers his former lover as fertile ground.
Chick #1: Rick had the balls to call me for a date last night, even though he broke up with me last summer.

Chick #2: Sounds like a case of buried bone syndrome to me. Pathetic!
by Vagabond King January 23, 2010
v. To vomit, particularly a foul mixture of liquid and food particles, such as the nefarious buckets of fish blood and guts spooned into the sea by fisherman to attract fish.

We couldn't leave the frat party in time to meet you because your boyfriend was in the bathroom chumming the fish.
Dude, quick! Where's the bathroom? After that last round of shots i really gotta chum the fish!
by Vagabond King July 08, 2014
The place you go when Urban Dictionary sends you emails saying that 2 or 3 of your definitions have been accepted and will appear on the site within the next few days, and then more than a month or two later you're still waiting to see them published.
Jake: Hey, man, didn't you say you were gonna be on Urban Dictionary? Man, I check it every day and I haven't seen your shit yet!

Bill: I know, dog! Guess I'm in whatcha might call Urban Purgatory!
by Vagabond King April 09, 2010
The amount of time it takes on a blind date or a computer date site date before you realize that the next hour or two is going to be a total waste of time. In other words: you're not attracted.
Dude #1: How was the date last night?
Dude #2: Horrible!
Dude #1: What? She fail the ten second test?
Dude #2: No, I think I did! She hardly talked to me or looked at me the whole time.
by Vagabond King January 31, 2010
Female euphamism for sexual attraction. Utilized to avoid hurting someone's feelings, but, more importantly, to hide superficiality.
Guy: So, can I see you again?
Gal: I don't think so, Hank. I'm just not feeling any chemistry.
by Vagabond King February 02, 2010

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