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An exclamation for something that is very good. A synonym for this expression of jubilance is "hooray," for example. This is of chinese origin.
I'm getting paid! Ting Pao!
by Vachement1126 December 01, 2006
A combination of the words "fugly" and "delcious," and a mock of Fergie's song "Fergalicious." Used to describe something in a negative way; something as ugly, gross, etc. Has same combination as "nast" or "hid."
Daaaamn, that bitch is fugalicious!
by vachement1126 June 09, 2007
When your waitress is a bitch and expects a tip, you give her a scratchtuity. Thus, you black out the entire tip line on the receipt. A blending of the words "scratch" and "gratuity," in case you didn't figure that out already.
That waitress was completely and utterly rude. She made me pay for barbeque sauce, and she spat in my beverage. I am going to give her a scratchtuity.
by vachement1126 April 08, 2007
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