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A vehicle of a redneck, which he drives to a date with his girlfriend instead of carring grass for cows.
My truck is Dodge, my neck is red.
by Vabq May 06, 2006
- state of the ugly highways with old pavement, road works, low speedlimit and too many policemen

+ state of the nice policemen giving only warning tickets for speeding, warm almost-like-california weather, ocean, and cheapest in the us prices for living
the only city i loved in texas was austin with its countless trees, nice river and congress building where i could walk around beside all the politicans and with no security around.
by Vabq April 26, 2006
about the same beautiful but much cheaper than its touristic neighbour santa fe. has rather village than city culture despite of its population of 550 thousands. mostly too hot during day and too cold on night.
if you don't like weather in albuquerque, wait 5 minutes
by Vabq April 26, 2006
The one of the cleanest and beautiful, yet cheapest states with neatly decorated highways and new smooth pavement.
New Mexico is a mountains and forests state.
by Vabq April 26, 2006

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