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an AXE:to kill people who dont deserve to live.
jado pharda gandasa jatt, te darr jandi sari duniya.
english: when the young man picks up his axe, the whole world gets scared.
by VV March 31, 2005
A genre of music first started by the fully electronic band called Kraftwerk. This genre uses samples, computers, synths and more.
Electronica has been around longer than Ravers know.
by vv March 09, 2004
home of a fluctuating odor that varies between something akin to cum and cow shit.
My black cat's ass smells like Riverside.
by VV November 06, 2003
A person who enjoys playing games that were ment for Player vs Player combat, but instead play against Bots or monsters.
Hey guys, i'll meet you later on battle.net for some fun 3v5 computers!
by vV June 16, 2003
An Emo Kid is a wannbe Punk or Goth that doesn't want to scare his parents with extreme fashion or violent music. See Emo definition for more.
Quit your crying Emo Kid.
by vv March 09, 2004
An evil corperation that makes people dislike Seattle coffee!
You thought just every corner in Washington state with a Mocha shop was bad? Look what Starbucks did to the whole USA, these's a Starbucks on every corner.
by vv March 09, 2004
Lame kids who make Electronic music seem only for idiots and druggies. They often use E, dress in bright colors and act brainless. Some are just Preppies that got tired of Pop music.
See Anti Raver songs by Leatherstrip and KOMPRESSOR.
by vv March 09, 2004

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