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A state with friendly, decent people who know how to slow down and actually take a break unlike us Illinois people rush rush! hurry! hurry! Out of my way, asshole!
ILLINOIS: rush rush! hurry! hurry! Out of my way, asshole!

WISCONSIN: Won't you stay just a little bit longer?
by VU January 15, 2004
a meaning of coolness
"you are soo vu"
by vu September 11, 2003
A suburban town in central Connecticut; a town that is large enough to be a city but remains a town because it sounds good.
More restaurants on Queen Street (per square feet)than anywhere else in the world. (9 Dunkin' Donuts, 2 McDonalds, 2 Subways, 100 pizza places, etc.)
by Vu December 10, 2003
(short for Brockway Hall) The loudest residence hall on the campus of Ripon College. Home of Sigma Chi and Lamda Delta Alpha.
Gonna go get fucked up over at the Brock tonite?
by VU December 13, 2003
(Alt. "The Bov) A residence hall on the Ripon College campus that rivals Brockway in noise and immaturity. Home of Theta Chi fraternity.
No, forget the Brock I'm going to Bovay!
by VU December 13, 2003
A derogatory term for the town of Grayslake, Il usu. considered lewd, obscene or offensive. Vocalizing is a sure fire means for recieving an ass whomping!
So you're from Gayslake, Illinois huh? OW OW OW! I never realized how good concrete and blood tasted when they're mixed!
by VU January 14, 2004
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